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Pickle Land
Kastin's Page

   I remember the first time I talked to Kastin, 2 years ago at Barbarah Richardson's Christmas party. Well accualy that was the only time I talked to him. But he was not just an average kid that you meet at a Christmas party, there was something special about him. It was like I was ment to meet him, like fate brought us together. He had dark hair that was perfectly gelled flat, exept for the front wich was spiked as if it where a ski slope of some kind. Without a doubt, I will never forget that polo shirt he was wearing. What a sense of fashion! At one point in our conversation he told me that Princess Diaries was a "cute" movie. Well to be honest that kinda scared me. But what really impressed me was his German opera that he sang outside. After attentively listening for about 10 minutes, I never understood a word of that dang thing. And I'm sure that goes the same for the stranger that was watching him. Of course, I could go on and on about this great man, he has given so much to me. Thanks to him I finaly understand the meaning of life. But no matter how much I say, it will never be enough to describe his greatness.
So Kastin, I may have only talked to you once, but I want you to know how much you inspired me. Maybe someday we will meet again, but untill then, this page is for you buddy.


Abba Kastin


Jonathan D. F. Kastin