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Llamas are llovely creatures! They are great for kids, adults, and even harmonica playing chipmunks!

Llamas are fun!


"I don't know what I would do without llamas." - Mr. Rogers


Sebastian here, and many other friendly llamas are in deperate need of loving family. That's why us good people here at pickleland started the "Llama Llove Adoption Program". To learn more about this charity, and recieve a free brochure, call 1-800-llama4U.


"I kiss my llama every night before I read Gone With The Wind" - David Letterman

"There's a llama in the sky.
There's a llama in my pie.
There's a llama in my hair.
There are llamas everywhere!"
   - Dr. Seuss

"Hi, I'm Bob Saget. Many of you know me from my hit T.V. series Full House. I would like to let the world know how much I love llamas, and how many of them are starving on the streets, just waiting for a small child to come along so it can bite off their head and eat there liver. Please, show some Llama Llove and give one of these fellows a home."