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Pickle Land
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Page Of Poop


You can learn alot from poop. So take notes.

"Life is like poop, sometimes you gotta push to get your way."

"Your job is like poop, it's your buisness."

"School is like poop, everybody does it, but nobody likes it."

"Hamburgers are like poop, they're always beefy when you make them."

"Poop is like a lake, it's brown and runny."

"Poop is like your emotions, it always feels good to let out."

"Poop is like peanut butter, brown and chunky."

"Poop is like your room, it's always messy."

"Poop is like Radio, dark and slow."

"Poop is like your rock collection, the longer you keep it, the bigger it gets."

"Poop is like an angry bear, big, brown and painful."

"Poop is like Bob Marley, it's always dirty."

"Poop is like Tickle-Me-Elmo, squeeze and it makes funny noises."

"Poop is like cigarette smoke, it stinks, and it comes from a butt."


"Poop is like Drew Carrey, big, boring and ugly."

"Poop is like a garbage man, it stinks."

"Poop is like Arnold Schwarzenegger, big, burly, and a fun word to say."

"Poop is like a shopping mall, except you don't shop in it."

"Poop is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your gonna get."

the end of poop